Breakfast Beer Tasting: Thornbridge Wild Swan

Not much introduction needed here. Thornbridge are known for brewing beers of distinction, from the sublime Kipling to the barely drinkable Lord Marples. Wild Swan is their session strength beer and is highly prized on cask.

The basics: It’s 500ml and says it’s 3.5%, unfiltered and unpasteurised. They also use the “C” word. Yes, it’s a “craft” beer. But I’ll try it anyway.

It poured a very pale gold with a soft, fluffy, white head. The aroma was a pleasing waft of spicy lemon and citrus hops. .

Taste: Light bodied and very clean tasting. A refreshing beer with plenty of zesty, spicy lemon tones, exotic fruit and a sharp bitterness. However, not surprisingly, it lacks the crisp definition of the cask version and feels more “softened”.

Finish: Lingering and pleasantly dry, hoppy finish.

Conclusion: Whilst lacking the complex subtlety of the cask version, this is an excellent and refreshing session beer. Perfect for breakfast or even, should you be that way inclined, for later in the day. One for your BBQ friends. 


Leigh said…
Love it. one of their most underrated beers if you ask me.

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